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Small plates

Optional – a piece of card/paper and a marker for YOU to write the addition on (Just before you pay)


Introduce “verbally” and “visually” the concept of addition.
There is no number recognition or recording here. (only right at the end if you feel the child is ready for it and purely as a visual prop – no pointing at the numbers or expecting the child to record an answer – you do it )


You will pretend you are the customer and the child the baker.

First the child makes lots of “biscuits” or small cakes, or muffins…

You come in pretending you need to buy some for 2 friends (always 2 friends)
i.e. “I am meeting Sam and Tom this afternoon. I need 2 cakes for Sam and 3 cakes for Tom and could I have them on plates ready to give away please?”

So the child proceed to place 2 cakes on the first plate, and then 3 on the second – Feel free to help as much as you need with reminding the numbers needed.

 *Always be really positive*
At that stage, if you realise that the child has no concept of counting out a given number Рor separating the numbers into two groups:  stop there Рjust let them play.

When the child had finished preparing two plates, one for Sam with two cakes and one for Tom withe 3 cakes, you will offer to pay:

Everything always costs one coin in this special shop!

In order to pay, pointing at the cakes you and the child count out ALL the cakes 1, 2, …move to the second plate without stopping… 3, 4 and 5!
You then offer to pay: count out pennies (pretend pennies from one hand to the other) again saying “1,2,3,4,5” – “Here you are! – Takes the 2 plates of cakes and very casually in a sentence recap the addition…for example this way:
“Thank you for my 5 cakes MrBaker. I needed 2 cakes for Sam and 3 cakes for Tom, and all together that makes 5!
You can vary but keep it simple and reinforce the vocabulary need later in math.

all together, plus, equal

Always keep the number added within 5 to start with.
Increase to 7 then 10 when the child is confident.



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