It teaches the concept of time
It helps with learning to operate a timer
You child will learn to recognise digital numbers
Timing play can be useful when you have a busy schedule
It is fun to involve the child rather than hurry him/her at the last minute
Children feel in charge of the way the activity goes.

To start with, make it a game. Tell the child they will have 20 minutes (A good time length for 3/4 y old) and chose a simple and fun activity such as play-dough.
Show the child that he/she will have a “set time” to play and then stop for lunch, or school, or bath etc…
For children under 4, you can draw a time line with the order of activities.

For this you have to press 20 times the minute button, as you count together it reinforces number order knowledge.  …1…2…3…4……..20

When the timer rings, the child will be in charge of pressing the button and immediately proceed to tidy up. It is a good idea to help and encourage with very positive words.

You can even set the timer for 5 minutes to tidy up and chalenge him/her to finish before it rings



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