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This game will help with various skills:

Counting to ten using objects
Associating quantity and symbol
Introducing subtraction
Taking turns
Working together as a group

You will need

6 face cards (I laminated mine)
A dice (For very young children you can use one with the numbers written on if you like to reinforce number symbol recognition)
A box of red spots (Use a large hole punch to cut out red circles from thick card)
A nurse’s hat (paper circle with a green cross on the front)

Here is a template you can download:face

The game

Lay out the table so that each player had a face – Give each player 10 spots to place on their face.
photo (8)

Starting with the youngest player, roll the dice (to try and make the sick person better)
Remove the corresponding number of spots from the face – (teach children to look on top of the dice).photo (7)

Moving clockwise, each player takes a turn and removes the appropriate number of spots until one of them clears all the spots of his/her face – THE WINNER!
photo (9)
The winner gets to wear the Nurse’s hat!



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