DSC04206I recently bought myself a beads loom.

Here is how I used it:


A bead loom (I got a very simple one from TIGER)
Strong thread for warping
Thinner thread for weaving
Small seed beads of various colours – I used size 11 here (2 millimetres)
A very thin long needle
A tooth pick (this can help pushing the beads close together)
A pair of scissors


First you need to warp the loom: placing the thread along the length of  the loom.
These threads are called warp threads.
Make sure you leave a lot of extra length to attach the thread either ends of your loom.
Twist the extra length around all the knobs then turn the knobs gently to tense the thread. It should be really tense and not flexible at all.


Here, I just started straight with the bead threading but you could weave a few rows of thread first. I have chosen to use the entire width of my loom which is 15 thread so will use 14 beads for each row.

Have fun making a pattern or just use the beads as they come.
DSC04223You can separate the different colours in little pots to make the process easier.DSC04210Bring the 14 threaded beads near the edge of the workDSC04218Pass the threaded beads under the work.DSC04219Press them with your finger up into the work so they slot between the warp thread. This is when you could use a toothpick to help place the beads if it gets tricky.DSC04220Then use the needle to go though the entire row again, passing it above the warp threads.DSC04221

Pull the thread.DSC04225
Here, the toothpick can be useful if you need to push the new row against the work.
When you are finished, it looks like this:
DSC04230I could have weaved a few rows of the thread to finish the work, but I chose to make knots instead.DSC04234

DSC04233Now this can be turned into all sorts of wonderful projects:
A bracelet as in Moodfeather blog. She even gives a free pattern page to download so you can plan your design.
You could also design a book mark, a pendent or even decorate a bag by sewing it onto the front.


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