title shortbeadstairsThis is a Montessori activity.

It consists of:

A tray
A set of 9 bead-bars of coloured beads threaded onto wire.
A small felt mat

These beads will be used for an array of mathematical purposes. They are colour coded and grade from 1 to 9.
This is the first presentation.

With this exercise: the child learns to count from one to 9 and order the bars by quantity in a pyramid/steps triangle shape.


You demonstrate the activity first whist the child sits next to you and watches. Then he/she will take turn.DSC094431000Take the bars out of the tray one at a time placing them randomly onto the felt mat.DSC094441000Pick the first one and count, touching the bead with your fingers: “one”.

Place the red bead-bar on top of the mat.
DSC094451000Find the next bead-bar and count, “one…two”. Repeat the process till you build the beads into a triangle.DSC094461000 Three is pink
DSC094471000 Four is yellow.DSC094481000
Five is light blue.DSC094491000 Six is brown.DSC094501000nottoolight
Seven is white.DSC094511000 Eight is purpleDSC094521000
Nine is dark Blue.DSC094281000Now scatter the bars randomly on the mat and invite the child to have a turn.



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