Here are a few pictures of some of the details I like at home… Lots of plants, light and a few touches of colours in a minimalist environment…mixtwo roses
I love fresh flowers and regularly bring home a new bunch for a touch of freshness and colour…
In summer I go for roses, but in winter i find cooler and longer lasting plants such as these “pussy willow” branches.DSC03788 1000I probably have enough pencils, paint and inks to open a small craft center… I seem to collect them. Here is a few watercolour soluble pencils I often use when doodling and illustrating.mixtwo2
On the left, another one of my hardy succulents, this one is a Crassula Jade. When I go away, this just survives for weeks!
On the right is a large picture that I made with acrylics, it was my first time using this type of pain and I probably need more practice but I love the colours and how it brings the room a little happiness.DSC05354 1000
I grow a lot of succulents myself and they are planted in various little ceramics pots I make with either porcelain or clay. This one is called Donkey’s tail, and it’s very easy to care for. It is rather fragile and the leaves will fall off at the slightest touch… I just place them on compost in new pots and grow them into some new plant!DSC05347 1000
Winter berries are perfect to lighten up a corner. These are a few birch branches, the berries last over two weeks in water.DSC05233 1000
I love natural materials and these pillow cases I made with raw linen are very comfy and relaxing.DSC02139 1000
My collection of Le Creuset mugs, I couldn’t chose only one colour so decided to get a rainbow!DSC02978 1000
I love fruits!  This round table was originally white and I decided to paint it with blackboard paint and it is so much fun. I love writing on it!
DSC03395 1000
This light shade is so much fun, a bit small but it makes huge circles all over the walls at night. I love the rosace on the ceiling too!DSC05025 1000
Here is a handmade cup and another plant, soaking up the light by the bedroom window.mixtwo
I built this pot with lots of clay triangles and simply glazed it white. Cherries are one of my favourite fruits, they never last long once at home!DSC01133Here are a few napkins I got from Anthropology to match my multicoloured mugs. I am just about to add tassels to embellish them.DSC07992 1000

That’s all for today!

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