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Really tasty and a change from chicken!
They are perfect to take to picnics or for a child’s lunch box.
They are lovely as starters presented with cocktail sticks in a pretty dish.
You can also add them to stews or just serve them with tomato sauce and a side salad.


A pack of mince turkey meat or turkey breast fillets
Fresh thyme
Olive oil
1 egg
Cheese such as grated Mozzarella

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Place all ingredients in a food processor mix.
Form small bite sized balls with wet hands and a spoon.DSC08829 1000

Can be cooked 2 ways:

In boiling water for 8 minutes (until the ball rise to the surface)DSC08845 1000 Or in the oven for 20 minutes at 180*CDSC08881 1000

These can be frozen raw or cooked.

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