P5124479This is a cool, light and refreshing drink for sipping slowly while relaxing…


Lilac flowers
A fresh coconut
Coco juice
A pomegranate
Pomegranate juice

photo 3 (2)fgfgfgStart by making lilac scented ice-cubes. Wash lilac flowers then pop one into each compartment of your ice cube container before adding water. Freeze.


The video below was made by Moodfeather Blog from Paris when she visiting me at home in London recently.

The best way to get the seeds out of the pomegranate is to cut it in two as shown in the video, then tap it with a wooden spoon over a bowl and the seeds should fall right out.

Make a hole in the coconut to recuperate the juice. Using a screwdriver, pierce the coconut through two of the holes by twisting it gently. You will find that one of the three holes is softer than the others, it’s just a matter of trying. Strain the juice over a fine meshed cloth.

In a jug, combine the coco water, pomegranate juice and some of the seeds. Add the lilac scented ice-cubes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You can decorate your drink with a few fresh lilac flowers.


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