DSC02365This simple game will reinforce the recognition of number symbols from 1 to 6.


An empty egg carton or fruit carton with 6 spaces
A crayon of a contrasting colour
Plastic or wooden eggs ( I used empty Kinder eggs)


Write numbers 1 to 6 with a coloured crayon in the compartments of the container.DSC02358Stick number stickers from 1 to 6 on each egg.DSC02367

To put the game together:

A tray to present the activity on
A bowl for the eggs
The numbered box
The 6 numbered eggs


To place the eggs in the corresponding compartments, matching the numbers.DSC02360 DSC02361 DSC02362 DSC02363 DSC02364 DSC02365

This also reinforce associating different fonts for the same symbol.

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