Here is a very healthy breakfast option. Grapefruit is a wonderful, it can help lower bad cholesterol, is full of antioxidants,  vitamin C and other goodness. Porridge will give you that slow release energy that will keep you away from bad snacking habits mid morning. INGREDIENTS: 3 tablespoons of porridge Read more…


This is really healthy and I love the pretty pink colour! YOU WILL NEED: 1/2 beetroot, boiled 1 tin of chick peas 1 tea spoon of tahini (sesame seeds paste) 1/2 clove of garlic 1 squeeze of lemon juice 1 tablespoon of greek yogourt Salt and pepper Blend!


INGREDIENTS: Cooking apples Honey Raisins Cinnamon Water Boil the peeled and cored apples and a handful of raisins, a spoon of honey and the cinnamon in a little water for 15 minutes till they fall appart. Blend. Enjoy!