This year, I was very spoilt at Christmas!
Here are a few of my favourite presents:


{1}  Philips Wake-up Light  I am still getting used to it… No more noisy alarm in the morning, but a gentle and very natural light getting stronger and stronger peeping from behind your eyelids…

{2}  Almond Supple Skin oil from l’Occitane  This is perfect for my skin and smells lovely too!

{3} Decléor Hydra Floral Multi Protection Creme  Just what I needed for my face.

{4} A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book  I am so inspired by this book!

{5}  Eyeshadow set by Urban Decay – Naked Basics

{6} A new cover for my iphone. It’s a Vans Waffle Case, I love the pattern, it looks great and I really needed it.

{7}  Lovely bottle of Canard Duchêne Champagne. I try and always have champagne in the fridge, you never know when you need it!

(8} Beautiful Vera Wang Sequin Flutes from Wedgwood

{9} Lots of beads! I am starting a new bracelet on my beads loom and have a few more projects in mind for this year.

{10} Mini Madelaine Moulds
I also got a few mini recipe books: Mes mignardises, Petites Bouchées, Exquises Verrines, Finger Food and Destination Cocktails. I can’t wait to try some of these recipes.

What are your favourite Christmas presents?


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