I run short 1 h workshops on Fridays, approximately once a month at The Catterpillar Cafe, Stratford Upon Avon. These are tailor made to fit into the busy schedule of the cafe. It is aimed at mothers, grandmothers, fathers, carers or anyone else who wants to learn something new, spend quality time together,  discover a new hobby, be in the moment and enjoy the process.

My first workshop was great fun. we made a 32 pages notebooks, with a soft cover, and button and string fastening.

After we ordered our coffee/tea and settled down, the table was soon full of colourful papers, buttons, beads and everyone was fully immersed in the activity. It was a very relaxed and friendly group. Everyone was able to create their own beautiful notebook and had a good time!
I think the hardest part was choosing paper designs and colours! Here are a few pictures of workshop:

Workshop table

Work in progress

Finishing touches

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