INGREDIENTS: Cooking apples Honey Raisins Cinnamon Water Boil the peeled and cored apples and a handful of raisins, a spoon of honey and the cinnamon in a little water for 15 minutes till they fall appart. Blend. Enjoy!


Ideal little dish for toddlers INGREDIENTS: Mash potato An egg per person Grated cheese Individual ramequins METHOD: Put some mash potatoes in individual ramequins, make a “nest” with a wet spoon. Crack an egg in the middle and sprinkle cheese over. Bake at 180* for 15 minutes. Poke the egg Read more…


INGREDIENTS: Chopped tomatoes Finely sliced red onions Finely grated carrots Finely chopped red and orange peppers Grated courgette Finely slices leeks METHOD: Sweat all the vegetables in a pan with a few drops of olive oil. When the vegetables are soft add the chopped tomatoes and some vegetable stock. Reduce the Read more…